My Linden Voodoo Doll

Marketplace Doll Made by Sonya Haight
This is great to Name after your fave Linden or not so fave linden and take your aggravation out on it.
I have used this many times since the Eff’d up Direct Delivery Fiasco started
if ever Linden Lab has displayed incompetence more it is with this deploy
it has more bugs than a nasty hooker motel.
Just browser some of the many many many JIRA’s filed.
The Customer Service and Support is the worst I have ever seen from any company in my life!
Im happy so happy I have canceled my tiers
Sold my Sim at a HUGE loss cus land is almost worthless now in SecondLife.
I Love Secondlife but Lindens you need to realize who makes your paychecks
treat your customers right or you lose!
now I am Exploring new worlds with better quality customer service! woooot!

Second Life Marketplace Direct Delivery Fails….. Linden Lab ignores its Customers again and continues its lack of support …the pJira lists are growing daily also check the Forum Post of the growing List here …merchants are scared and angry…. many closing up shops..I was ready here for the inworld QandA session that LL had posted for April 2nd but not surprisingly it was canceled at the last minute…I am very disgusted at this new round of crap they have shoved on us all….