My 60L Secret Submission for January 25th 2013

25 Seamless Valentine Love Frostings
Plain Frostings for each color and Various Heart Patterns
Buy the Inworld here
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See ya All Next Week!

Home Sweet Tent!

I Went to Treasured Cove Sculpties last week for the New Release of the Limited Edition ( a very CUTE Valentines Day Bed) and they gave me and everyone who got there before a certain time, this beautiful tent (It changes colors and it even has a cooler full of snacks!!)…it is now my new HOME! and the best part is i can pitch it anywhere I go! …….so if you see me catching some ZZZZ’s in your store please do not disturb, its winter time and I need alotta sleep! Thank you for the gift TC!

Once Upon a Time Shopping on the SLMarketplace

 These get the Chipmunk 10 Cupcakes Approval
 OMG im speechless…I have seen lots of jewelry in second life but these take my breath away absolutely gorgeous and detailed ….the things you find when your looking for accessories for a photo go look OH MY! Gorgeous Virtual Jewelry By
Abraxxa Anatine
saving my pennies for some of these!